“My sessions with Minaksh have been interesting and enlightening. She is a great communicator and I felt well supported from the moment I got in touch. She is easy to talk to and considered my every need thoughout the process. I would highly recommend her as a practitioner and would not hesitate to contact her again.”

Julie Tant-Ickleford


“My Past Life Regression with Minakshi was amazing. She has a calming presence and has helped me greatly to go even deeper into my subconcious during my regression. Minakshi truly cares about her craft and the well-being of her clients and I would highly recommend her.”



“I was lucky enough to be able to have a Past Life Regression and LBL Regression with Minakshi, after reading Michael Newton’s books. The experience has benefited me in a powerful way and affected all areas of my life.  It has enabled me to understand who I truly am and to live a fuller more meaningful life.”

Lydia- Somerset


“I am truly grateful for the work I did with Minakshi. I had a wonderful journey through a Past Life Regression followed by a Life Between Lives Regression.  Minakshi has calming and positive energy which made me feel safe and comfortable from the moment we met. She took a detailed history before the hypnosis, and it allowed me to go deeper into past experiences that I haven’t been able to process by myself. Her kindnesss and open approach is rare and I feel it is crucial in working with such personal things. Minakshi has kindly sent a transcript of our sessions so I could go over everything again and process my journeys. Our sessions helped me to heal from many traumas and changed the way I approach daily life challenges. I feel reborn and never knew I could believe in myself the way I do now. Thank you for your support, guidance and encouragement in my journey. I would highly recommend her to anyone, as she is not only a brilliant hypnotherapist but also very compassionate, about making a dffrerence in people’s lives.”

Justyna Kaminska-Berkshire


“I had a wonderful Past Life Regression session with Minakshi. It was a prerequisite to the Life Between Lives sessions that I am so excited to experience. Minakshi conducted a very detailed intake which in itself was very healing. Minakshi has a very calming energy accompanied with a soothing voice so I found I could regress quite easily and quickly. She made me feel safe the whole session, did not rush anything and we had a necessary post session conversation. She sends the transcript by email which is helpful for processing and allowing us to go back and read it over. From start to finish it was an amazing experience.”

Tanya Gullick – Reading


“With Minakshi’s kind help I’ve made my life’s most important journey: The Life Between Lives”

Kasia x – Swindon

“What I gained through working with Minakshi, has changed the course of my life.  At first I was skeptical about making the visit, but after the first session I found myself looking forward to each session which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I found Minakshi’s positivity very infectious and her take on life has taught me to see everything from a different perspective.  Minakshi showed me how determination to succeed can make almost anything possible.  I have now incorporated this way of thinking into my daily life.

People at work have noticed the that I am always happy, no matter what.  This is due to my new way of thinking and things which would normally depress me, do not affect me anymore.  This  in turn has attracted good things into my life.”


Westleigh Bushell-Uxbridge

“I have been living with Lupus and Fibromyalgia for many years, and it was a daily struggle to have a normal family life. It was also very difficult to maintain my career. When not at work I would spend a lot of time sleeping, or would just lie in bed. My mind and body could not find the necessary energy to do the things I love. My piano was silent, my paint brushes were untouched and there were no more stories in my head begging to be put on paper. The only reason I could still do the important things, such as doing things with my family (in short bursts) and going to work (although my sick leave increased dramatically in the last 2 years), was my love for my family and an iron will.

After 2 months of sick leave, I started having a combination of NLP and Hypnotherapy sessions with Minakshi. She has a wonderful way of getting you to relax and to guide you to find the source of your problems. In addition she gave me techniques to do on a daily basis to aid my body in healing itself and to manage my pain. She also kept in touch on a regular basis to make sure that I am doing the techniques and that I still benefit from them.

Thanks to Minakshi, I have a life now. By doing the techniques daily, my symptoms are under control and I am mostly pain free. Minakshi was not satisfied with just giving me tools for pain management and self-healing, but she encouraged me to take small steps to start doing the things I love. I have started playing the piano again and have a self-imposed deadline to paint a picture.

Minakshi really cares about making a difference in people’s lives and her commitment to us even after the sessions is testimony to that. I have been blessed in my encounters with her, and I give Minakshi my warmest recommendation.”

Jacqui Wolmarans – Reading

“Before I enlisted Minakshi’s help I was veering off path feeling both anxious and distracted with life.  I was letting things get too big for me and felt that I had lost control.  This outwardly took its toll on my driving and I was unable to tackle the motorway leaving myself feeling down and restricted.  I was desperate to regain control and had previously had many hypnotherapy and NLP sessions with another lady in Hampshire which did not actually move me forward.  I had spent a heap of cash at that point and could not see that I could be saved.

When I called Minakshi, I was at rock bottom and desperate for help.  Funny enough the issue was nothing to do with the motorway at all, I just didn’t know it.  Minakshi took a totally different approach to mending me and worked with me on my thought process.  Once I understood how I could bring in positive thoughts in every situation, remove negativity and others opinions from my thoughts I was on the road to recovery.

My life has totally turned around and is back where I need it to be.  I feel happy, confident and powerful.  I owe this all to Minakshi.  I have driven on the motorway twice now since working with her and I have all the tools in my toolbox to deal with whatever drama life throws at me.  I have realised the power is really inside me and I owe everything to Minakshi’s encouragement, leadership and commitment to supporting me.  This was truly the best money I have ever spent and I would recommend Minakshi to anyone.  She is the most beautiful, calm lady who truly cares and takes enormous pride in helping people.  I am truly honoured to have worked with her and would recommend anyone to her (and have done so).”

Bianca Jennings – Hampshire

“Prior to beginning treatment with Minakshi, I had visited 6 different therapists for the treatment of Anxiety and Depression. Whatever form of treatment I undertook, I never allowed the techniques to work as I always placed a mental block to them, having pre-determined that no treatment could help with my problem. I possessed an extremely negative mindset in general life, and especially when in situations where my anxiety was triggered, in interviews and at university. These negative thoughts meant I was unsuccessful in every attempt to sit an interview without an anxiety attack or to sit an exam for my degree.

Through the NLP and Hypnosis work I have completed with Minakshi, I have learned to control my negative thoughts and have secured a new job. I have adopted the techniques into my everyday life, and everyday when I wake up I am full of positivity. My attitude towards life has completely changed – and I would recommend whoever feels a need for a positive outlook on life given any difficulties, would be successful in reaching their goals, by going through their experience with Minakshi.”

CD – Hounslow

“When I visited Minakshi for a hypnotherapy session she immediately made me feel at ease prior to undergoing hypnosis and throughout the treatment period. I felt that I could talk to her about anything and found myself going into a trance very quickly just by listening to the sound of her voice. I found her NLP techniques very effective, and Minakshi also taught me some “self-help” exercises to do at home, and I continue to use these exercises on a regular basis.

Ever since having the hypnotherapy from Minakshi I feel my confidence has grown, I feel more relaxed and seem to have a much more optimistic attitude towards life.

If you are looking for therapeutic help, someone comfortable and compassionate to talk to with effective results, then I will definitely recommend Minakshi as I think she is a great hypnotherapist, who has provided me with an ample amount of positivity.”

Sunita K – Surrey

“I am grateful for the work I did with Minakshi.  Through her skills I was able to get really clear about an important life goal, her careful questioning prompted me to look at the issue in a way I simply couldn’t do alone.  In addition to the professional manner in which she undertook the session I found Minakshi to be very respectful, exuding much integrity – a rare quality. Although at the time in all honesty I felt quite hopeless about achieving my goal, I’m very happy and pleased to say that I have arrived at my destination and it looks just like the visualization we did together!  Thank you Minakshi!”

D. Kaur – Berkshire

“Just wanted to say what a thought provoking experience it was to have a ‘past life regression’ with yourself. From the first experience, you made me feel relaxed, even though I had no idea about what I was going to experience and wondered whether I would just make it up going along, the complete opposite happened. It all just came naturally, going back to a past life and it all made sense in the present day.  It made me realise where I was going with my life and how to live life to the full and that I wanted to have more experiences, but your suggestion to wait for a few months between each session was great and I was able to digest what had happened fully.  My second and third experiences all spookily resonated with my current life and how they all intertwined with each other.  I think my third regression, where I seemed to have jumped past, present and future was completely unexpected but an amazing feeling and experience to have.

Minakshi has a great calmness about her and I feel relaxed in her presence.  After each session, I received a typed up copy of the  session, which is good to go back over, as being in a relaxed state of being, you sometimes might forget some of the experiences or words.

Thank you again for such an amazing experience.

With all best wishes.”

HS – Berkshire

“Before having hypnosis, I had never been able to go to London on the underground by myself. This had prevented me from furthering myself in my studies as the courses I wanted to undertake were being held in Central London. Someone recommended hypnosis, it was one of the best decisions I have made.

After 4 sessions of hypnosis with Minakshi, not only could I travel to London by myself on the Underground for 3 weeks but I also found I could concentrate on my studies and somehow everything seemed clearer.

Minakshi had also used suggestions to help my memory during the hypnosis session. I was very happy with my final results in my exams.”

G. Gutierrez – Berkshire