Weight Loss

Weight Loss HypnotherapyWeight loss with the Virtual Gastric Band. 

Have you tried different diets, only to find the put the weight back comes back on?   Are you fed up of looking at clothes you wish you could fit into?  Do  you turn to food when you are stressed and then comfort eat? Does your current health have anything to do with your weight? How would you like to achieve the weight loss you want WITHOUT dieting or without the huge costs, complications and risks of surgery? Weight Loss with The Virtual Gastric Band can help you to with that goal.

Weight loss with a difference.

The Virtual Gastric band is an amazing and safe weight loss program designed to help you lose weight without dieting. It uses your mind and not your food to help lose the weight.  Pioneered in the UK by Sheila Granger it ensures you are not deprived of food, as it is not a diet.  You will not be left feeling hungry and there are no medical procedures.  It encourages you to change your relationship with food.  The Virtual Gastric band helps change the way you think about food.  It can also help minimise the risks of obesity related illnesses.  This in turn can lead to renewed confidence and positivity in other areas of your life.

The Virtual Gastric band works on the principal of using clinical hypnotherapy to allow the subconscious mind to accept the idea of a gastric band. The power to lose weight latent within the individual is unleashed and the stomach feels fuller on smaller amounts of food.

A free CD is given to each client for personal use between sessions, to enhance the work carried out during the four sessions.

To hear more about how you can achieve the weight loss you want with the Virtual Gastric Band, please contact me for a free telephone consultation.